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Waiting list - settings and handling

From version 2.12.5RC1

Activate the waiting list function 

If you would like to use the waiting list function in the frontend, you first have to activate the function at OSG Seminar Manager > Options > Extensions:

activate wl

Important note:

If you let overbook a course, there is no waiting list shown although you have activated it.

To overbook a course you have made following setting at Options > Tab:General > Calculation of current capacity: No calculation.

Click here to learn about the context of showing a courses' capacity and overbooking a course:

Frontend procedure

There are two use cases in which the user gets to access the waiting list in the frontend:

1. The course is fully booked.
2. The user wants to book more places than available.

If the course is fully booked, the user will already see in the course table, that the course is fully booked. At the same place, a link will be shown that lets the user access the waiting list.

course table waiting list link if fully booked

If a course is not yet fully booked, but the user wants to book more places than still available, the user is also pointed to the waiting list. The user can then book all applicants to the waiting list or book the course with a lesser number of applicants.

wl hinweis ueberbuchung

Please note: the requirement for the display of the view above is following: at the course detail view the actual capacity is shown. (Options > Tab:Misc > Section:Courses) If the capacity is not shown then the applicant gets a notice at the end of the of the registration process: Your booking could not be received. The number of places booked is larger than the number of free places.

If a user wants to apply to the waiting list, he first has to fill out the application form. After that, the user has to confirm the form with the button "Register for waiting list": If you have activated the booking overview, the next page will be the booking overview. In this case, the button "Add to waiting list now" is used to finally confirm the application. To make it clearer to the user, we recommend to rename the first button to "Go on to confirmation page", for example.

The user will receive an automated email that he has applied for the waiting list.

Options in the backend

Email templates for email confirmation to waiting list

You can customize the template for the email confirmation that the user receives when he applies for the waiting list. At Settings > Tab Default Email Templates, you also find the template for the waiting list confirmation.

 wl template wl confirmation

New application states

Using the waiting list, there are two new application states that are used for this purpose, waiting list and awaiting response respectively. You can see the applications with such as waiting list just like  other bookings in the backend. 

wl new stati

As soon as there are free places, a person on the waiting list can be informed via email using the backend, or otherwise (e.g. via phone), that there is a free place the user can apply for. If there is not yet a confirmation from the user, the status of the application can be set to "avaiting response". This status makes the application count for the computation of free places.

If the user confirms his application, the status can still be changed manually in the backend:

Changing the states and sending email confirmation with invoice

If the state of an application is changed from waiting list or awaiting response to another state like submitted, pending or paid, you are asked if you would like to create an invoice (Prerequisite: The option Options > Create invoices is set to YES).

wl create invoice question

wl overwrite invoice

If you click "Cancel", no email is sent and no invoice is created. If you click "OK", a email will always been sent. If the invoice is attached to the email, depends on if the option Options > Attach to booking confirmation is set

If the option Options > Create invoices is set to NO, there will never be sent emails if the status of an application is changed from waiting list or awaiting response to another state like submitted or pending or paid. If you want to send an email, you have to do this manually from the backend.


If an application hat the status „waiting list“, this application does not reduce the number of free places for a course. An application with the Status „awaiting response“ does count as a booking in regard to the course places. Counting the free places for a course is done in relation to the global settings as before.

Special case: Move up from waiting list if there are less places free than needed

If a waiting list application has for example two applicants, but only one place is free, you may want to set one applicant to be booked to the course and one still on the waiting list. This is only possible, if you have installed the plugin "Manual booking and invoice". To download this plugin, you will need to have a fee required OSG Seminar Manager Premium Membership

For this, you have to copy the booking to the same course. The status will automatically be set to "canceled", the copied one stays on the status. You have to set the canceled application to status "waiting list" and edit it (e.g. set the number of applicants to "1"). The copied application also has to be edited accordingly. 


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