Why do I need an OSG Seminar Manager Membership?

The component OSG Seminar Manager is for free until version 2.13.8.

Further updates are only available with the OSG Seminar Manager PRO package and can be downloaded in the membership area.

We have explained in the forum why we no longer offer any further updates without membership:

A member has the following benefits:

More details about the benefits here.

Why do I need an OSG Escape Room Membership?

You need a memberhip for the access to

How long does a membership take? Does the membership automatically renew and how much does it cost?

Your first membership takes 1 year and doesn't renew automatically. You get an email some days before the membership expires. You can renew the membership. If you do nothing the membership expires automatically.

You can renew at a date of your choice a membership for the same amount like the first membership.

What happens after the expiry of a membership? Can I use the modules and plugins furthermore?

You can use the modules and plugins furthermore.
Note: Sometimes it is necessary to update modules and plugins. For example if Joomla changes something within its code and the modules and plugins aren't compatible anymore.  In this case you can become a member again.