Changelog OSG Seminar Manager PRO - Package Version (Date: October 1st 2019)
Component OSG Seminar Manager 3.1.1:

- Enhancement: improved frontend start layout (view for all categories);

- Bug fix: error by batch generating invoices if the invoice path was not set to the default value;
- Bug fix: german decimal in multiple places;
- Bug fix: payment info such as selected payment method and payment fee got lost after updating an application in backend, it also caused multiple errors by regenerating the invoice via backend;
- Bug fix: PayPal transaction ID is now visible in the application detail by the sandbox mode;
- Bug fix: PayPal IPN didn't update the payment transaction ID to the application detail.

Module Upcoming Events 1.3.2:

- Feature: some new options for the extended view;

- Bug fix: wrong booking links in some special cases;
- Bug fix: fully booked courses were not displayed correctly;
- Bug fix: state "waiting list" not shown.

Plugin Manual Booking 3.0.2:

- Buf fix: fixes for PHP 7.2+ and Joomla 3.9+.