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OSG Seminar Manager PRO - Package Version

Version  - Released March 12th 2019

Basic revision

OSG Seminar Manager PRO comes with fundamental changes

1. A new routing to improve the SEO

The routing for some views were changed fundamentally.

Note: If you would like to use the new routing, please consider that the links for course tables and courses will change. That means, if you have used links to e.g. a course table statically, you will have to update those links after activating the new routing.

You have to activate the new routing manually. You can find the option at: Options > tab:Misc. > area:SEO (at the bottom)

seo en

There are two possibilities:

Nice URL:  Creating a nice URL according to the pattern „[Menu point]/[Object-Type]/[Object-Alias]“

Note: if you activate this option, you also have to activate the option „Search Engine Friendly URLs“ at the Joomla configuration. If this is not done, the whole routing system will not function!
If you use the option „Schöne URL“ but not the option „Unique routing“, there are the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: The modules that are active in the menu point are assumed, the part of the actual menu point stays, and a start layout is not required

Disadvantages: It is possible, that there are more than one URL for the same object like course, tag, ...

Unique Routing: Creating a unique URL

If you activate the unique routing, you should also create a start layout, that the component can use. When building the URL, the router will first try to find this start layout, from which the URL is then created. If there is no active start layout, the alias of the first menu item of the type category, tutor, tag etc will be used to build the URL.

The prerequisite is that the nice URL is activated.

Example: The start layout has the alias „seminarman“. In that case, the course with the alias „reader-beginner“ has the URL

Advantages: The URL is clean, and it is unique for all objects like course, tag...

Disadvantages: The part of the current menu point jumps around, the modules of the origin will not be assumed.


Create a start layout

Create a new menu item using the type OSG Seminar Manager > Startlayout. Due to creating this start layout, all links will have the item id of the start page. If you have a multi-language website, you should have this start layout accessible for all languages. From this menu item on the following views are then routed. The menu item does not have to be visible, it can also be a blind menu.

The described change is made for the following views:

  • Category view
  • Course view
  • Tag view
  • Template view


Renaming of the URLs

Using the following parameters, you can rename parts of the URLs using Joomla Overrides:


2. Changes in the code to prepare for the ever-changing requirements of Joomla 3 and Joomla 4

So far we have implemented the following:

  • New routing for courses, tutors, templates, categories and tags (- Feature: new routing of sef url with user defined url section name and unique url;)
  • New view for new routing: a start view showing all course categories is entry point for new routing (- Feature: start layout "all categories";)
  • LiveUpdate was removed and replaced by Joomla Update Server

3. Support of common payment api

  • For developer: you can write your own payment plugins based on common payment api, you can find the handout for developing payment plugins based on this api on;
  • For software user: if you install a payment plugin which supports the common payment api, either paid or free, you can use it in OSG Seminar Manager as well.

Further skins / templates for the presentation of the events

one more template for the presentation of the events in the category overview. At present only a presentation in tabular form is possible.  However, this requires that your template loads Bootstrap 3.

Sack rebooking

Till now, in the case of a rebooking,  each participant had to be rebooked individually. From now on, several participants can be rebooked simultaneously in a new course. Required for this is the plugin "Manual Booking and Invoice".

Further features

  • There will be some more parameters for the email- and pdf-templates (e.g. display ov the invoice number on the attendee list)
  • Additional price groups will not be limited to 5 any more. Instead, there can be an infinite number of price groups.
  • Extra Charges: Until now, it was only possible to create one extra charge for a course and this extra charge was calculated per attendee. We are now developing an infinite number of extra charges and these can be calculated per attendee or per course
  • All changes to bookings will be logged  (which user made which changes
  • New Custom Field for the booking form: upload of documents
  • Optional grid view of courses in category, tag and tutor view.
  • Display of the attendee (and waiting) list at the frontend with access level
  • Access level in category and course;
  • New mechanism for price groups and course prices, infinite price groups and course prices are now possible


- Enhancement: removed url parameters which may cause duplicated pages with same content;
- Enhancement: automatically empty joomla cache of seminarman after backend editing.

Bug Fixes

A great number of changes due to deprecated classes / functions:

  • JRequest is deprecated and had to be removed
  • DS is deprecated and was changed to DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
  • JError is deprecated, was mostly changed to throwing Exceptions
  • JSubMenuHelper is deprecated and was removed
  • JParameter is deprecated and was removed
  • Fixed multiple issues with Joomla Cache;
  • Fixed a lot of issues for the JED standard.


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