Documentation OSG Seminar Manager

New from version 2.13.3

(Date: September 26th 2017)

Feature: Joomla Update Server integrated.

  • Bug Fix: limit for bookings and jobs fixed on admin start page;
  • Bug Fix: fixed a few sql errors due to undefined order.

New from version 2.13.3 RC1

Release Aug 20th 2017

Customize tutor's role

At options you can find a new tab: Tutor's role.  Here the Joomla SuperUser und Seminar Manager can customize the role of the tutor.

Course ics file

The ics file of a course will be created first, if a user books a course. After this the file will be updated with every saving of the course. You can see the ics file at courses > tab: documents:

sman kurse dokumente ics datei

Additional attachments for emails

 You can send

  • the ics file
  • and an additional attachement (created by a pdf template)

with the booking confirmation email and emails which are sent manually.

The option you activate at options >tab:misc > courses

email attachements

You also can select these files for emails wich are sent manually.

select attachements

The additional email attachment you create like other pdf templates at Settings > tab: pdf templates. But at Use for you select additional email attachment. You can create several templates and assign to every course other ones. Select the template at course > tab: General > Template of additional email attachment.

At the detail view of the Application > tab: Application you can see the last pdf file which was sent. Also you can recreate it.

recreate email additional attachment

Show image at course table and course detail view

Upload the image at edit course > tab: documents. This image will be shown at a column at the table before the course number and at the course detail view above the button "book the course".

the settings are

  • for the table at options > tab:misc > course table > Image
  • for the course detail view at options > tab:misc > course > Display of image

Settings for current capacity and total capacity

overview capacity

Calculation of current capacity (free seats)

This option decides, which state of the booking will count down the free seats and if an event can be overbooked.

You find the setting at options > Tab: General > calculation of current capacity. If you select no calculation you can overbook the course endlessly. Also the waiting list function doesn't work, because a course won't be full.

Display of current and total capacity

The display of current capacity requires, that you do not select no calculation at options > Tab: General > calculation of current capacity.

Display on course detail view

At options > Tab:Misc, courses > dicplay of capacity you can select which display you want to show:

  • Hide
  • Only total capacity
  • Only current capacity
  • Current and total capacity
Display on course table

At options > Tab:Misc, course table > Seats you can set, if you want to show the column "Seats" at the course table

show capacity

Indicator for free seats

This indicator shows, if the minimum or maximum number has been reached and also shows the "performance guarantee"

Requirement for the display of the indicator for free seats

The display of the  Indicator for free seats requires, that you do not select no calculation at options > Tab: General > calculation of current capacity.

Activiation and display

You activate the display of the indicator at options > Tab:Misc, Course table > Indicator for free seats

sman kapazitaet farbe

Display on frontend:

Kurse buchen 2017 03 28 11.20.31

sman kurstabelle alternativ

Further Features

Metadatas for (course) templates assigning metadata information: meta describtion, keywords, robots and author

PDO driver: compatible with PDO driver;

CSS: exclusive css for tutor user in backend;

PDF: updated fpdi class and tcpdf library.

my bookings: Price and invoice can be hide from "mybookings"

Page titel: At course > Tab: Publish Information > Parameter Advanced  you can define a "browser page title" for course page



  • MySQL 5.7.4+
  • Diverses fixes due to potential issues with PHP 7
  • Backend-Notification: Das Absenden der Rechnung wurde ohne Fehlermeldung abgebrochen, falls "Zertifikat hinzufügen" gecheckt wird aber Zertifikat selbst nicht zur Verfügung stand.
  • Buchungsstatus ging verloren bei Checkout in Frontend -> Warnungen, kein Fatal Error


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