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New from V2.8.1

(Release June 2015) Download the OSG Seminar Manager from

Booking overview

All datas were deleted if you clicked "cancel" at the booking overview. From now they are saved.

Now the date of the event will be shown in booking overview;

The booking overview layout can be switched between with/without discount display;

Multiple tutors can be assigned to a single course

You can assign mutltiple tutors to one course. They will be shown at the course detail view with a link to their profiles.

sman en tutors several

New email template parameter for tutors

Tutors who are assigned to a course can get a copy of emails now.

Pubishing of courses

New option for "Finish Publishing" of all courses by their begin or end date  (options -> misc)

sman en courses publishing

Copy of courses

Until now you could only clone a template. Now you can copy a course with its tutor, date, category and so on.

sman a kurs kopie


From now you can copy sessions ...

sman sitz kopieren

... and for Total Duration there is a free text field now.

sman sitz duration

sman sitz dauer

Print of attandance lists

New option "status" for attendee list. Until now the state "submitted" wasn't printed.  (options -> misc)

sman en attandance list

Sending emails with attachements

New Feature: attachment files can be added when mailing to applicants

sman en email upload



- Feature: option to show/hide course begin/finish date in frontend;

- Feature: default attendee list keeps table header on page break;

- Feature: all application fields are auto filled with values from current session;

- Feature: new tag column in course table;

- Feature: new attendee list template parameter {LINE_INDEX} to number loop elements;

- Feature: default New/Sale icon for german language.

- Feature: compatible with plg_seminarman_advimportexport;

- Feature: compatibility with plg_seminarman_extracharges;

 Bug fixes

- Bug Fix: broken link when calling day view from calendar;
- Bug Fix: warning messages about image and alternative url field when adding a new course (in joomla developer mode);
- Bug Fix: course which is created by a tutor user will end without any tutor assigned, and the course can not be booked;
- Bug Fix: misaligned lable and input lines in application form;
- Bug Fix: wrong POST values of customfields "time" and "url";
- Bug Fix: booking can not be edited and saved if the admin add a required tos custom field in the meantime;
- Bug Fix: quotation in title for a custom field breaks validation when booking in frontend;
- Bug Fix: duplicate page header title in some frontend views;
- Bug Fix: New/Sale icon automatically change depending on frontend language;
- Bug Fix: tutor view CSS layout fixes;
- Bug Fix: custom fields are notdisplayed in attendee list when attendee status is other than paid or pending;
- Bug Fix: overall quote mark fixes, either by tooltips or by input fields;
- Bug Fix: case when mootool_more.js is not loaded in template;
- Bug Fix: custom field of type date can't be erased once set;
- Bug Fix: coursedetail labels (e.g. Bedining, Price,...) breaking layout when too long;
- Bug Fix: missing course_date_time parameter when mailing from backend;
- Bug Fix: PDFs are by default offered to download instead of opening in the same tab;
- Bug Fix: wrong parameter in course PUBLISH_UP validation;
- Bug Fix: language fixes.




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