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New from Version 2.9.0

Release 10th sep 2015

Booking deadline

New feature: You can hide the booking form x days before the course begins.

Global Settings

Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Course table -> Booking deadline-> Show.. This setting shows a column "Booking deadline" at the course table:

sman booking deadline misc

Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Booking form -> Booking deadline-> x.  This setting hides the booking form x days before the course begins at thge "Booking deadline":

sman booking deadline misc2


Settings at "Edit course"

Booking deadline for a singl course: Edit course - Piblish Information - Parameters Advanced Here you find the settings and the description of the settings at the mourseover.

sman deadline1

sman booking deadline course

Allow users to cancel their bookings from frontend

Settings -> Options -> Misc -> My Bookings: Here you can allow that the user can cancel a booking up to x days before the course begins

sman cancel booking

A user who is logged in can cancel the bookings at the menu type "bookings". To cancel a booking  of the state "payed" is not possible.

The frontend view:

 sman cancel fe

Modul Search (available from 14 th of sep 2015)

This module can be published at the module positions of your template. The visitor of your website can search for a course (tags) within a certain time period.

sman suche modul

This module is available with an OSG Seminar Manager Premium Membership.

CSV Export (plg_seminarman_advimportexport) (available from 14 th of sep 2015)

Create own exports of course tables or bookings.

sman csv export en

This plugin is available with an OSG Seminar Manager Premium Membership.


- Feature: Improved unified layout of all course tables in category, day, tutor, tag, favorite, list;
- Feature: Responsive CSS optimization;
- Feature: New list MVC in order to support the module mod_seminarman_search;;
- Feature: Supports the plugin plg_seminarman_advimportexport;
- Feature: Session field 'duration' allows now free text input.
- Feature: all-day course (can also used for the course without specified start or finish time). The dates of all-day courses will be shown in joomla global server timezone;
- Feature: Trainers are sorted now by their ordering, last name and first name in frontend.

- Bug Fix: Proper heading hierarchy with h2, h3 in frontend;
- Bug Fix: Double tooltip when hovering over publish status in backend courses view;
- Bug Fix: Use publish status button to change status in backend courses view;
- Bug Fix: Fixed the critical javascript bug by a required checkbox field with only one option;
- Bug Fix: "add new" while selection is set results in wrong view;
- Bug Fix: Bad display of tutor without photo;
- Bug Fix: Timezone related issues with date/time; (the component works now properly with joomla timezone settings)
- Bug Fix: Newly created courses aren't shown when unpublished via global settings on course finish date;
- Bug Fix: The extra charge couldn't be posted over shopping cart; (existiert nur in 2.8.3, die wir nicht veröffentlicht, so von hier weg)
- Bug Fix: Corrected an error by the new mvc "list": the finish date filter didn't work; (nur Zwischenstand, niemals veröffentlicht, weg von hier)
- Bug Fix: Bad line break in course detail view when too narrow;
- Bug Fix: Broken link when calling course detail view from tag view;
- Bug Fix: Save date is not updated when changing booking status in booking edit view;
- Bug Fix: Error when editing sessions of unpublished course;
- Bug Fix: Language fixes;
- Bug Fix: Wrong display of price by notifying user about new courses;
- Bug Fix: Unnecessary & incorrect side navigation in backend;
- Bug Fix: Layout course template in frontend;
- Bug Fix: html fixes, the course table in old browser (for example, IE9-) was broken if "show tags in table" is enabled;
- Bug Fix: IE9 is now excluded from the responsive display, in order to avoid unwanted display issues;
- Bug Fix: publishing/unpublishing a custom field over the custom fields list view from the 2nd or higher group affected another custom field in the 1st group;
- Bug Fix: On the Seminarman start page the last modified bookings instead of the last new bookings were listed;
- Bug Fix: Fixed issues by saving date time field with invalid string text;
- Bug Fix: Fixed issues with date time field in Joomla 3.4.4.
- Bug fix: Paypal IPN didn't with ssl encrypted site.

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