Documentation OSG Seminar Manager

New from version 2.11.1 / v 2.11.2

Release July 18th of 2016

New Features


Exporting applications with their course titles and start dates

Email sending

the component email accepts multiple email addresses - serperated by komma (Options > Default);

sman default emails

View of the course table
  • The time clock will also be sorted while sorting courses (at the course table) by date
  • The tabs Dates, Interested parties list and Archive are not shown, if there are no activ events in these rubrics
  • Optional back navigation on course detail page and interested party detail page (options > misc)

sman go back

  • You can show a register button at interested parties list table view

sman register interested parties

Payment setting

At Options > Payments are some new settings:

  • A payment fee can be set for each payment gateway;
  • New payment processing with payment confirmation;
  • 3 PayPal IPN sockets are available. Explanation: Sometimes the status of the bookings weren  set to payed if someone payed via Papyl. therefore we offer 3 sockets for the conneting with PayOal. Default is ssl:443, PayPal says this should work perfectly. If not, you have to test, if one of the other sockets works with your website.

sman payment settings

At the frontend you see following if payment fee is enabled:

sman payment fee

At the checkout-site you see the payment fee:

sman payment fee overview

Parameter for email- and pdf-templates
  • New parameter {APPLICATION_ID} for confirmation email, pdf invoice and attendee list;
  • New parameter {PRICE_REAL_BOOKING_SINGLE}, {PRICE_REAL_BOOKING_TOTAL} and {PRICE_TOTAL_VAT} for pdf attendee list
Display of the price at the booking form
  • The standard price can be dispayed with price title optionally: Options > Seminar Manager Settings > Display of 1. price:gross ant net price with group title
  • The name "Standard" can changed individually via the parameter COM_SEMINARMAN_PRICE_STANDARD

sman standard price

  • The Language parameters (multilingual) are now supported in custom field groups and tooltips
  • The component pathways can be disabled from the breadcrumbs optionally - Options -> Seinmar Manager Settings -> Component pathway

sman component pathway

  • Load component User-Access-Control(UAC) list optionally to avoid possible issues with large user database
  • Plugin Interfaces for future plugins (mailplus, voting);
Info: New Language Parameter
  • COM_SEMINARMAN_ENABLE_PATHWAY_DESC="Component Pathway after CMS-Breadcrumb"
  • COM_SEMINARMAN_WITH_PRICE_GROUP_NAME="Brutto und Netto mit Preisgruppenname"
  • The language parameter differs while submitting application for a free course on the last confirmation page;COM_SEMINARMAN_SUBMIT_FREE and COM_SEMINARMAN_CART_FREE_CONFIRM_BUTTON


  • Unwanted page redirect after login while booking a course;
  • The sorting didn't work on my bookings if all filters were disabled;
  • New user select modal window to avoid issues with large user database;
  • Backend layout optimization for sorting columns;
  • New top level domains in email address can be accepted now;
  • Unpublished countries were listed in the select box;
  • PDF invoice link was missing in backend if the course price is 0 and there is an extra fee;
  • Issue while editing session start time;
  • Day view went broken after setting filters;
  • Iframes such as youtube, vimeo and google map couldn't be inserted in the course description
  • Outdated editor filterings by course and template were removed, iframes such as youtube, vimeo and google map can be inserted in the description;
  • Canceled but fully booked course was displayed as fully booked instead of canceled in the course table;
  • Fixed the hash function of link, so that the feature "tell a friend" works again.
  • Fixed the issue with the publish down settings by archived courses, the settings will be ignored from now on by the archived courses.












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