Documentation OSG Seminar Manager

Neu from version 2.12.5RC8

Release July 20th 2017

- Feature: option A5 in pdf template;

- Bug Fix: mandatory multiple checkbox validation didn't work with Internet Explorer;

- Bug Fix: fixed the possible conflict between custom date field and other modules which have the same field type;

- Bug Fix: fixed the misusing of a joomla session variable from the plugin munual booking.


New in Security Update Version 2.12.5RC5

Release March 20th 2017 - thanks to Daniel for reporting -

- Feature: multiple usages of directive {LOOP} possible in the pdf template. - Bug Fix: invoices were not listed in "my bookings" if the booked course is free but has additional fees; - Bug Fix: waiting list ignored application form display option; - Bug Fix: deprecated constructors in future PHP versions; - Bug Fix: mandatory multiple checkbox validation. 2.12.5RC2 (Date: February 23rd 2017) - Bug Fix: fixed a few issues with PHP 7; - Bug Fix: fixed the issues with the latest manual booking plugin.

New from version 2.12.5RC1

Release 14.02.2017

Hints for OSG Seminar Manager Premium Members

Please update following modules and plugins if you update the OSG Seminar Manager  to V 2.12.5RC1:

Module Upcoming Events to version 1.2.3
Main update: displaying courses without specified begin dates
Reguires OSG Seminar Manager v2.10.1+ (keine )

Plugin Manual Booking and Invoice to version 2.0.0RC1
Main update: completely new plugin interfaces und updates due to waitng list
Requires OSG Seminar Manager 2.12.5RC1+
Suggestion: uninstall the old version of this plugin at first

New Plugin Voting Interested Parties 1.0.3 - You can allow the users to vote for the course templates which are published on the interested parties list. This rating can be seen by visitors or registered users. The evaluation can be approved anonymously or made dependent on an entry in the list of interested parties. A documentation is coming soon.
Requires OSG Seminar Manager 2.12.5RC1+

New features  of the OSG Seminar Manager component

Waiting list function - the crowdfunding project Waiting list has been finishes successfully. Now the feature is available for all users. How to handle this feature - see our brief instruction: Waiting list - settings and handling

User-defined fields for the course table and course detail view - More information see our documentation about custom fields for the course table

Additional options for course tables: Using the Display mode of begin/finish date (at Options > Misc > Course tablethere are a number of different ways to show a course table.

sman course table time single column

You can for example show the time in an own column and show the weekday. These options chagen the appearance of the course table in the following views: category view, tag view and myBookings view. Also you can hide the course number at Show course number

New language parameter - if if there is no end date for the course you can use your own name for the display: COM_SEMINARMAN_NOT_SPECIFIED2, untill now the parameter COM_SEMINARMAN_NOT_SPECIFIED affected the begin date.

Additional options for MyBookings - You can decide if you would like to see the salutations, title, first name and last name using the options at Seminar Manager > Options > Misc > MyBookings. The begin and finish date for a course shows up using the option Seminar Manager > Options > Misc > course table > Display mode of begin/finish date

New email field for the booking form - At Seminar Manager > Options > Misc > Booking form there is an option CC field. If enabled, there will be another email field in the upper part of the booking part. This email address is cced if a booking is performed. 

cc booking email

The new language parameter arameter {EMAIL_CONFIRM_CC} is available for email templates.

Breadcrumb only above the component - Options > General < Component pathway is a new option in the software. The pathway can now show up either in the Joomla Breadcrumb or in the OSG Seminar Manager on top of the course table.

Certificates - From now you can create certificates like invoices and send via email. More informaation at our brief instruction: Attandance lists and certificates: Attandance lists and certificates

Language parameter for Prefix for Invoice number: you can set a prefix before the name of the pdf file of the invoice: "COM_SEMINARMAN_INVOICE_PREFIX"

The view of the course tables in several views are standardised

Hint about custom CSS: The feature edit CSS is deactivated. It was overwritten after every Joomla Update. Instead, you should use the custom css file of your template for css edits.

Further features

  • Additional information in cancel confirmation: salutation and title;
  • Alternative string text to "not specified" possible for end date or finish time if they are not specified: COM_SEMINARMAN_NOT_SPECIFIED2; -
  • Display courses / interested parties / archive tab only if there are respective records available;
  • Optional Email CC field in course booking form and new parameter {EMAIL_CONFIRM_CC} for email template;
  • Options for displaying component path in cms breadcrumb position or inside the component;
  • Standardized the display of courses list by filter as well as select box in different views;
  • Print function for course table and email function for single course or interested party;
  • New plugin interfaces for manual booking.

Bugfixes  OSG Seminar Manager

- Bug Fix: Wrong message if a course is canceled and booked out;
- Bug Fix: Corrected the backend checked-out display of category tree;
- Bug Fix: Some errors with PHP 5.3/5.4;
- Bug Fix: Cleaned out invalid or deprecated html tags;
- Bug Fix: for Joomla 3.6.2+: Tooltip conflict between mootools and bootstrap 3;
- Bug Fix: Sometimes an invoice could be generated even if the booking price is 0, in case of some discout rules;
- Bug Fix: All courses were listed by salesprospect notification and new session, even if they were deleted or archived;
- Bug Fix: Fixed 3 bugs in tutor user backend panel due to the last update of assigning multiple tutors to a single course;
- Bug Fix: Public down value won't be considered any more in my bookings;
- Bug Fix: From now on the PDF parameter {PAYMENT_STATUS} supports all application states;
- Bug Fix: From now on the invalid datetime string can not be inputted any more through the custom date field




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