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f yes, the rating will be sent only if the registration form is submitted.<br />If no, the rating could be sent without a registration

Vote (plugin)

You can allow the users to vote for the course templates which are published on the interested parties list. This rating can be seen by visitors or registered users. The evaluation can be approved anonymously or made dependent on an entry in the list of interested parties.

Acitivate the pluging

First unzip the package. Then install these two plugins.

smanvote plugin installieren

Activate both plugins at Joomla > Extensions > Plugins

sman en vote

smanvote ajax plugin


At Joomla > Extensions > Plugins you have to configure the plugin.

Interested Party

sman en vote interested party

  • Rating only with registration:
    If Yes, the rating will be sent only if the registration form is submitted, if No, the rating could be sent without a registration to the interested parties list.
  • Short desc about voting:
    If Yes, there will be a short description at the course table: "Please give your rating to following objects."
  • Reg. Form after Rating:
    If Yes, you only can subscribe to the interested party list AFTER voting (required: Rating only with registration is set to No) In this case the vorting is displayed on the course detail page.

    sman en vote detail page

  • Form FiIling:
    If No, the standard fields of the booking form for the interested parties lists will be hided, only the custom fields will be shown furthermore. So you can subscribe to the list anonymous. Set Rating only with registration  to Yes, if you want the user to fill in the custom fields wtih the rating.


Voring for courses is not available yet.

sman en vote course

 General Settings

sman en vote general settings

  • Rating Access:
    If Registered only registered and logged in users can vote. Public users can see, that a voting is possible but cannot vote.
  • Enable Half Stars:
    You can vote for half stars.
  • Initially hide rating results:
    The user can see the result of the rating after he has sent his rating. If No he can see the average result of the rating before he sends his rating. (Requirement: Display of the rating results is set to Average value)
  • Bewertungsintervall:
    After how many minutes a user can vote a course from the same IP address (Requirement: Rating Access is set to Public)

Bewertungen einsehen

Anonyme Bewertungen mit Ausfüllen eines Anmeldeformulars werden im Administrationsbereich unter Interessenten erfasst. Als Vorname und Nachname wird Bewertung angezeigt und als E-Mail Adresse die der Joomla Konfiguration

smanvote erfassung anonym

Alle Bewertungen von Kursen aus Interessentenlisten werden im Administrationsbereich unter Kursvorlagen erfasst.

smanvote erfassung bewertung

Unter Kurs bearbeiten sehen Sie eine detaillierte Übersicht der Bewertungen

smanvote erfassung bewertung detail

Hinweise zur Anpassung der Bezeichnungen im Frontend

Folgende Sprachparameter könnten Sie nach eigenen Wünschen eventuell noch umbennen (unter Joomla > Erweiterungen > Sprachen > Overrides > Für Site

Eintragen-Button umbennen mit: COM_SEMINARMAN_JOIN_LIST
Interessenenlistenbeschreibung umbennen mit: COM_SEMINARMAN_LST_OF_SALES_PROSPECTS_DESC
Auf Interessenenliste eintragen umbennen mit: COM_SEMINARMAN_ON_LST_OF_SALES_PROSPECTS







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