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You can download the plugin "Manual Application and Invoice" and all other modules and plugins from

With the Component "OSG Seminar Manager" applicants can book an event from the frontend and you can create an invoice at the time of the booking.
The plugin "Manual Application and Invoice" enables an administrator to book an application manually from the backend and to create an invoice for one or a number of applications at a time individually chosen.

Here you get fhe following information how to

install the plugin

activate the plugin

create manually a new application

create an invoice and

rebook an application




1. After installation activate the plugin "OSG Seminarman Advanced Booking" at Joomla! -> Extensions -> Plugins.

sman plg adv aktiv


2. Also you have to set it to "Yes" -  Settings -> Options -> Extensions

sman extensions activate



In the backend, you will see an updated application view including two new buttons, "Manually create Invoice" and "New".


Manually Creating a new Application

To create a new application, you first have to select a course from the course list, for which the person you want to book wants to apply. Then click the button "New".


You will get an application form, that now allows you to create a new application. 


You will have to fill out fields for the status of the application, the account information (for the booking and the applying person), as well as the application details. In the application details, the fields "Booking price (net)" and "Total price (net)" will be computed from the fields "" and "Pricegroup". They cannot be changed manually.


The course details are only displayed and can also not be changed manually. To select another course, you will have to "cancel" your application and create a new one when you have selected the other course.


Next to the tab "Application", you can see a tab for the default user-defined group "Rechnungsadresse" in the OSG Seminar Manager and the comment field. Note that, if you have user-defined groups for the application form, and these include "mandatory" fields, you will have to fill them out before you can save the application.

After saving the new application, it will appear in the application overview. When creating a new application, there is no invoice created. If you want to create an invoice for this application, you will have to do this manually.


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Rebook (new from plugin-version 1.5beta3)

At Application (advanced)click on the application you want to rebook.

At "course details"  - Course title you can choice a new course.

smanbooking umbuchen

You see the categories and can click on a course you want to rebook the applicant to

smanbooking umbuchung kurs waehlen

If you click on "ok" the old application will be cancelled and a new booking will be done

smanbooking umbuchung meldung


After rebooking you can assign the price / Price group.

sman man preisgruppe bearbeiten


Important hint: If you perform a rebooking, the booking price of the original booking is taken over. To change that price to a price that fits to the new course, you will have to edit the booking: Choose the respective price group and press the save button. Create an invoice only after saving the correct price group for the rebooking.


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Manually Creating an Invoice

You can create invoices at two places. In the application overview, you can create invoices for a number of applications at once. In the detail view of a single application, there is also a button for creating a single invoice.

In the application overview, you can select the applications using the check boxes at the beginning of the lines. Then click the button "Manually create Invoice".

In the application detail view, there is also a new function "Manually create Invoice". This function is placed in form of a button next to the status field on top of the form.


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