Location revised


Up to now, locations for e.g. courses could only be stated as text. Also, courses included a parameter for an URL that linked to a location.

To make locations more unique and add more information to a location, a location is changed to an reference-object in this version of the OSG Seminar Manager.

The reference tables can be found in the Settings in the second tab. The last link leads to "Locations". For more changes to reference tables click here.

  Einstellungen Referenzierte Tabellen


Creating a location

Locations can be created and saved as usual for Joomla!.

For courses, choosing a locations now looks like this (in the tab further information):

Einstellungen Referenzierte Tabellen

There is still the possibility to save a location as free text. But if the location is chosen from the list, this location is directly linked to the URL of the location in the frontend of e.g. the course view.


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