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Course Management System for Joomla

OSG Seminar Manager is one of the most popular course management systems for Joomla websites.  Mage your courses, dates, trainers and bookings on your own website, and offer a catalogue of your seminars. Your customers can book an existing course or register at a prospect list. This Joomla extension is ideally suited for seminar providers, but can also be used to manage other events.

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Extensive Functions for your Course Management with Joomla

Backend view course settings

Create and Publish Courses

Define your event and show selected information on your website:

  • course time frame and single dates
  • course description
  • application deadline
  • unlimited prices with publishing options, an additional fee, value-added tax (VAT)
  • target groups, level, min. and max number of participants, available places
  • course location with link - course tutor with link to a tutor profile
  • course information: guaranteed, fully booked and waiting lists
  • associated documents (also available via download link)
  • individual course image and userdefined custom fields
For more see our documentation

Course Organisation

  • create a course template and use it for creating courses with the same content
  • structure your courses by attaching tags and categories
  • finished courses can easily be archived
Backend view course settings

Present your course programme

  • display a course table or your events with a grid layout, that contains either your scheduled courses, or a preview (interested parties list) or archived courses. You can also combine these options in a single course table via different tabs.
  • you can structure the course table via categories, and the course location can be linked
  • for most of the columns in the course table, you have the option to show and hide it.
  • You can show up to five additional columns to show in the course table.
  • for each course, you can individually decide if users can apply to it or not
  • display the application deadline, fully booked, cancelled or waiting list
  • define gross and net prices
  • show the standard price in two different currencies
  • traffic light display if a course is guaranteed or not
  • much much more
For more see our documentation

Detailled Course View

Show your course information in detail. There are also a lot of display options similar to the course table.

Offer prices for a limited time

Automatically display and hiding of prices, e.g. for last minute or early booking discount.

Backend view manage prices, vat and currencies

Prices, Currencies, VAT

  • show up to two currencies for the standard price
  • unlimited prices per course (e.g. price for employees, last minute)
  • define an additional fee for a course (e.g. for course documentation)
  • set individual VAT
  • compute the exact net price using the price calculator
  • for a certain user group, preset the price in the application form
  • specify payment fees
For more see our documentation

Booking process and booking rules

Choose from many options:

  • is the booking only available for registered users?
  • define application deadline for every course
  • allow one or more persons per application
  • design your individual application form
  • offer users to apply for a waiting list if a course is fully booked
  • define convenience fees for different payment methods
  • show an order overview before sending the application
  • forward the application payment to paypal
  • send a confirmation email to the user, optionally attached an automatically created invoice
  • allow cancelling an application using defined cancellation deadlines
  • create application rules (e.g. a user can only apply for a maximal number of courses that take place in a specified time frame and belong to a certain category). These rules specifically qualify for subscriptions.
  • or forward the application process completely to another website and only show your course programme on your website

Further display options

Show your upcoming events

Using the module "upcoming events" (you need premium membership for this module), you can display a small table at any module position on your website. You can customize this table and show/hide single columns. The table automatically displays the upcoming events using the courses belonging to your selected category, filtered individually using other possible options.

Calendar view

The module "Calendar" (you need premium membership for this module) can be used to show a calendar view of your course programme. The calendar days have links attached, that lead the user either to a day view of all courses that take place that day, or directly to a detailed view of a course you clicked on.

Manage aplicants and prospects

  • Overview of all prospects and applicants via lists that can be sorted and filtered
  • Managing waiting lists including notification of places that have become available
  • automated email to confirm an application with or without invoice attached
  • create lists of participants and certificates using your own design
  • provide download links for certificates and invoices in the frontend
  • notify prospects about new course dates
  • send serial emails
  • assign different booking stati (submitted, pending, paid, cancelled, waiting list) to gain a better overview
  • rebook applicants (you need premium membership for this)
  • for every application, you can defined your own fields, e.g. for comments

Additional functions


offer document download links or attach documents to emails


templates for invoices, confirmation emails, other emails to applicants, emails to interested parties, confirmation emails for waitinglists and much more
assign templates individually to courses

Voting plugin

get you user's opinions: let users evaluate your courses


export your data using export templates you can individually customize

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