Online reservation and booking system for sports facilities and other units

OSG Courts Reservation for Joomla is an online reservation and booking software for sports facilities, training courts and other objects like rooms, tables, boats, bicylces and much more.

The special feature: You can allow several groups for one unit, for example for basketball courts or dog places.

Main Features

  • display of courts and other objects in the frontend
  • calendar for reservations times
  • discounts e.g. for weekends
  • price structures can be defined for each object
  • settings for min. and max. players
  • courts can be booked by one or more groups
  • flexible time slots
  • define reservation times
  • unlimited user defined fields
  • application management
  • double opt in - users must confirm their application
  • if users don't confirm application, the time slot is available for booking again after a time (definable in the options)

Choose the layout of your presenation

Applications of the OSG Courts Reservation

Rentals of rooms and courts like...


  • Dog places
  • aguility courts
  • playgrounds,
  • tennis courts
  • baketball courts
  • football pitches,
  • ice stick shooting courts,
  • go cart tracks
  • ice parks,
  • shooting ranges,
  • parking places,
  • water ski tracks and much more

but also rental of vehicles or other objects like...


  • quad bikes
  • sailing boats
  • bicycles
  • restaurant tables
  • snooker tables
  • places on races simulator
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