Court Overviews

Courts can be displayed in two different table views as well as a blog view. 

Table View 1

In this view the courts of a category are displayed for every day. The number of days can be changed in the options. The first sublevel of the category is the basis for every table in the view. Further sublevels are ignored, the courts of these further sublevels also show up in the table of the first level subcategory. If you click the title of the subcategory, you can get to the overview of this sublevel, where that subcategory is then also devided into its subcategory. This way, you can navigate more complex subcategories.

In the table, the bookable timeslots for a court are linked to the booking form for this court and timeslot. If a timeslot is not bookable (any more), a grey minus is displayed.


Table View 2

The second table view is a tab view, where every tab represents a subcategory. Each tab contains of a table of the courts that belong to the subcategory. Clicking the green area (book now) leads to the booking form for this timeslot and court.

The view is displayed for one day. The day can be changed using the arrows next to the date. If you click the date, you can also select another day using the calendar that is opened.

As in the table view 1, there are always only two levels of subcategories considered. For courts that belong to further levels of subcategories, they are displayed in the table of the second sublevel. 


Blog View

In the blog view, you can see an overview of all courts of the category. You can adjust the view in the options e.g. how many leading courts should be shown. For each court you can see the difficulty, the overview image, the title, the number of players and the short description. You can edit this information in the backend.


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