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Hide title and salutation at the registration form

(As of November 2018 - OSG Seminar Manager Version 2.13.8)
If you are using a later version of the component, please note, that the line numbers could differ or there could be information missing.

To do this, edit the file "components / com_seminarman / views / courses / tmpl / default_applicationform.php" and remove the corresponding "<tr>" elements. Add the following at the end of the file (but before "</form>"):

<Input type = "hidden" name = "title" value = "" /> or

<Input type = "hidden" name = "salutation" value = "" />.

If you have removed the "Salutation" field, then also edit the last file

"Components / com_seminarman / views / courses / tmpl / default.php"

and delete lines from 163 to 168 above in the JavaScript button submitbuttonSeminarman.

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