Extend and edit booking forms - by custom fields

The data fields at the registration form can largely be adjusted by yourself. However, the fields Salutation, Title, First name, Last name and E-mail address are permanently installed and can not be edited or hidden.

However, you can edit the options for the Title field by selecting the "Reference tables" tab in the Settings menu and clicking "XML tables". There you can add more <value> elements below <title> Salutation </ title>.

reference tables

Custom fields

The custom fields can expand the enrollment forms for courses (applications) and prospect lists, or the trainer profiles.

You can create fields and groups at Settings > Tab: Main Settings > Custom fields.

custom fields

Groups must be assigned to the areas of applications, sales prospect or tutor profile (Use for ...), the custom fields must be assigned to the groups again.

An example is the (already preset) group Billing Address, which is assigned to the area Applications. This group then contains fields such as street, zip code, city etc.

billing adress

At the booking form you see the group Billing Address and the custom fields:

billing address booking form

If, for example, you want to assign an additional area to the registration form, such as Teilnehmer / attendees, first create the group Teilnehmer / Attendees and then assign this group to bookings -> Use for - Applications.

add group

After that you can create the custom fields and assign these fields to the group Teilnehmer / attendees. For example:

add fields

Now the booking form is expanded:

add fields booking form

At the administration area you can see these fields at bookings. you can see a new tab: Teilnehmer / Attendees:

sman attendees 2 de


trainer! Note: published: visible at backend / editable and available as parameters for PDF or e-mail.
published and visible: visible frontend / editable when Applications & Sales Prospects, visible from the frontend of the trainer profile

field published

If you already have bookings or sales prospects you should not delete published fields otherwise the datas of these fields are not available anymore.

 In this way, e.g. also the trainer profile can be expanded with more information. First of all, a group has to be created, which, e.g. describe the hobbies of a coach. There you can insert fields like "Sporting activities" or "Musical skills".

Accept TOS checkbox and Confirmation Checkbox

These two fields are custom fields. The checkbox for accepting the terms and conditions is a custom field. This field is always displayed before the booking button, it can not be moved

If you want to use a field of this type, you can use the field of the type Confirmation Checkbox. This checkbox will always be displayed within the booking form.

For both fields, enter the link to your article with an href attribute: einstellung agbs



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