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Overview OSG Seminar Manager

The OSG Seminar Manager is a component for the content management system (CMS) Joomla!. It is dedicated to educational providers.

Using the OSG Seminar Manager, you can list course descriptions on your website. A visitor can book a course or, if there is no date available, subscribe to an interested parties list for the course.

In the Joomla! administrator backend, you can manage your courses, course templates, applications, interested parties lists and tutors. For visitors booking a course, the OSG Seminar Manager can automatically create an invoice in PDF-format and send it in combination with a confirmation email. In the backend, you can aso create a list of participants for each course in PDF-format.


The OSG Seminar Manager can be used different ways. You can either focus on courses that have known course dates or focus on course templates, so that you create a catalogue system.


In the beginning, you should create a list of tutors for your courses, as well as a list of categories for the courses / course templates. Both will be needed for creating the courses ad course templates (although a list of tutors is not a must have for a course template). A course or course template can have more than one category. Tutors have the right to edit their courses in the Joomla! administrator backend.


If you work with course templates, you can use them in two different ways. You can present them to visitors as possible courses, for which they can subscribe to an interested parties list. The other way is using them for in the backend foradministrators or tutors that are linked to the course. They can use them as a template for new courses they want to create.


After publishing courses or course templates on your web site, visitors can now make applications for the courses or subscripe to an interested parties list for course templates. The applications may or may not (this is an option that can be changed) be approved in the backend, so that changes for the course, e.g. the number of free spaces, are shown in the frontend.



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