Tutor overview/tutor profile

Tutors you have created and published, will appear in the tutor overview. To create the tutor overview page, you need to link a menu item with the respective function of the OSG Seminar Manager ("OSG Seminar Manager - Tutors").


On the overview page, you can see an image of the tutor (if there is one), his/her name and the description. If you click the link ">> more", you will get to the tutor details/ tutor profiles.


Important Note: How to Inactivate the Tutor Profile in the Frontend

There are two ways to reach the tutor profile in the frontend:

Fom the menu 'Trainer Overview' and from the link (tutor name) in the course details.

If you do not want to have the content of the tutor's description field visible, you have the following possibilities:

  • When creating a course, choose 'Parameters Advanced > Show Tutor > Hide'. This way, the tutor name is not shown in the course details in the frontend, so that there is no link to the tutor profile. If you additionally have created a menu item 'Trainer Overview', the tutor profile is still available using this link.
  • If you want the tutor name to show up, but without a link to the tutor view: Choose 'Parameters Advanced > Show Tutor > Show' in the backend. In the tutor list, uncheck the tutor at 'published'. This way, the tutor will not show up any more in the tutor list in the frontend at the menu item 'tutor list'.

Note, that the plugin Search shows the tutor profile, if it is enabled. Disable the plugin "Search - OSG Seminar Manager Tutors" if you don't want to display the tutor profile. 




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