Course table


The course table is an overview of all published courses and course templates. They can be viewed in a tab view with two tabs. On top of this tab view, you can see the sub-categories of the courses linked. If you click a sub-category, you will geht the same view, but now filtered for the sub-category. 


For the course view (in the tab "Dates", as courses always have course dates attached), you can filter the courses shown in the table. You can search in the course titles, change the number of shown courses in the table or you can view the courses sorted by level (e.g. beginners, advanced, professionals). To sort the courses by a column, click the column header. 

For each course, you can find the course code, course title, start date, finish date, location, the price and also the information, if a course can still be booked. 

If you click a course title, you will get the detail view of the course. To directly book the course, you can also click the link "Book Now".

New from Version 2.5.0  - alternative course title

 Alternative link for course incl. the option misc -> alternative link for title in the course table

sman misc new

Normally the title of a course links to the course detail view. By the option Alternativer Titel Link you can link to an alternative URL.

sman alternative link

Interested parties lists

In the second tab, you can see published course templates. You can subscribe to an interested parties list for such a course. Searching and filtering is done as described above for the courses. 


You get the detail view of a course template via click on the course title. In the detail view, you can register for the interested parties list of this course.


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