Reference Tables

Reference Tables are used at many different place in the OSG Seminar Manager. They are pre-defined, but they can be changed by an administrator.

Reference Tables at the OSG Seminar Manager

XML Tabellen

Here, you can create lists of references, that can be used in the OSG Seminar Manager. An example looks like this:





The references in the angle brackets are mandatory for the used XML format and are not to be changed. The references in between these areas are your own defined references.


This table contains pre-defined a list of countries with ther title and country code (e.g. DE for Germany). If you are missing countries in the list, you can add them ("New" button).

Company Types

This list only contains an example. If you use it, you have to complete the list beforehand. For each company type, there are the fields for title and code.

Attendee Groups

This list is used for example, to assign a user group to a course. For different kinds of courses, you can have different attendee groups, e.g. User, Administrators and Developers for Software courses.


Click the link "Attendee Groups" to edit them:

Experience Levels

Courses can be assigned to attendees with different experience levels. For example, you can show software courses for beginners, advanced students or professionals.


Click the link "Experience Levels" to edit them:

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