Settings - Main Settings

The main settings of the OSG Seminar Managers contain the Custom fields and the CSS file.

Custom fields

The custom fields can expand the booking forms for courses or interested parties lists and the tutor profile. Here you can create groups and fields. All fields are ordered in groups. Each group has its locations where they are used for. The groups can be used in the areas Applications, Interested Parties Lists and Tutor Profile (Use for ...) at the moment. For example, the already pre-defined group "Rechnungsadresse" is used in the area of Applications to get the invoice address of a user that books a course. This group consists of fields like street, zip, city etc, that result in the address of a user.


At the booking form it looks like this:

sman attendees 3


For example: If you want to display one more group like Teilnehmer / Attendees , first create the group Teilnehmer / Attendees. Then assign this group to Applications (Use for...).  

 sman attendees group

Then create the fields and assign (Use for...) these fields to the group Teilnehmer / Attendees. It should look like this:

sman attendees

 Now the booking form displays one more group Teilnehmer / Attendees:

sman attendees bookingform

In the backend you can see a new tab (at booking details):

sman attendees 2 de

Accordingly, a tutor profile can have additional information. First of all, you have to create a group, e.g. for the hobbies of a tutor. It can then have fields like "sports" or "music".


Update Version 2.3.0

All custom fields (bookings, sales prospects and trainer profiles) have been  standardized:

  • public -> visible and editable in the backend and can be used as parameter for PDF or email templates
  • public and visible -> visible and editable in the frontend for bookings and sales prospects, visible in the frontend for tutor profiles



Change CSS

The CSS stylesheet of the OSG Seminar Managers are located at




You can also edit them via the administrator backend at this menu. Editing this file, you can adapt the look of the OSG Seminar Manager to your wishes and your used template(s).



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