Frontend Views

To view the data of the OSG Seminar Manager in the web frontend, you have to create links to the different areas in the menu. This is done in the administrator backend by creating new menu items. When choosing a menu type, the OSG Seminar Manager will appear in the list. There are the following links to the OSG Seminar Manager:

If you create a link to bookings, a user can view the bookings he has done. Such a menu item could for example be called "My bookings". 


You can show a course table by creating a menu item to a "Category". You can choose the root category to show all courses as well as any other category to only show courses that belong to this category.


Linking to a course can also be realised using a menu item. Select "Course" from the list and then choose the course you want to link to.


A user can mark a course for himself by adding it to his "Favourites". A list of a logged-in user's favourites can also be linked as a menu item.


Tags can be added to courses in the administrator backend. For example, you can add a tag to all courses that are held on a weekend, e.g. a tag called "week end course". You can create a menu link to a list of all courses that have this tag. When creating a menu item, select "Tags", then choose the tag you want to link to.


It is also possible to create a direct link to a "course template" (same as for courses, see above).


The list of tutors is a link to the Tutor Overview. Here, the tutors are briefly listed with their image (if present).