Administration Area

Die Verwaltung des OSG Seminar Managers enthält eine Vielzahl von Bereichen. Diese können in verschiedene Aufgabenbereiche eingeteilt werden:

  1. Updating the OSG Seminar Managers, Creating Support Requests, Using the Forum
  2. Global Settings that determine how the OSG Seminar Managers is used (e.g. if and how applications to courses are possible, if interested parties lists are shown etc...)
  3. Create and edit Categories, Tutors, Tags, Courses and Course templates
  4. Administer and edit Applications and Interested Parties Lists

The first part is already handled in the Home-View of the OSG Seminar Managers. You can get this view by clicking "Components" and then the menu item "Seminar Manager" in the main menu. Further information about the installation can be found here.