Changelogs OSG Courts Reservation

Version 1.3.14

Date: February 07th 2018

- Bug fix: Added language parameters for salutation

Version 1.3.13

Date: February 01st 2018

  • Bug fix: Save and Close Button did not close a booking
  • Bug fix: New Timeslots, Pricegroups and Courts were not checked in after creating
  • Bug fix: fixed a bootstrap problem
  • Bug fix: small css change in blog view

Version 1.3.12

Date: January 18th 2018

  • Bug fix: Fixed a HTML problem in the calendar

Version 1.3.11

Date: January 16th 2018

  • Bug fix: Calendar error was not correctly displayed
  • Bug fix: Error Class 'OsgcourtsHelper' not found was addressed
  • Bug fix: Cleaning cache after saving objects

Version 1.3.10

Date: December 17th 2018

  • Bug fix: Reactivated timeslots did not show up correctly
  • Bug fix: Confirmation link was broken if a SEF component was used

Version 1.3.9

Date: December 3rd 2018

  • Bug fix: Adding prices is no more checked for duplicate person nums and costs that are not numerical
  • Bug fix: Editing a booking, changing the street was not protocolled
  • Bug fix: New button and other buttons removed from special timeslot view, as you have to click on calendar to add special timeslots
  • Bug fix: Frontend booking did not take the number of persons due to bug


  • Feature: Protocol for bookings now has its own tab

Version 1.3.8

Date: October 30th 2018

  • Bug fix: Prices for pricegroups could not include commata, now comma will be converted to point

Version 1.3.7

Date: September 11th 2018

New features

  • It is now possible to work without pricegroups, meaning that is viewed as no price and one person
  • Creating special timeslots can use the given times from timeslots now in backend
  • Frontend booking form looks better now in responsible
  • For timeslots that cost 0 Euro !free! is displayed in the frontend
  • New language parameter for free timeslots - COM_OSGCOURTS_KOSTENLOS_P0

Bug fix

  • Special timeslots could not be clicked in frontend


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