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Attandance List and Certificates

Attandance List

To repeat certain rows in the attandance list you have to use the LOOP function.

If you download the OSG Seminar Manager, you already have a template for the attandance list with LOOP function.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that this function is deleted or moved.


NOTE: Please ensure that <thead> and <tbody> are correctly defined for a clean and easy to read table, even with a long attendance list over multiple pages.



      <tr class="{LOOP}">


Here you can download the original source code from which you can see where the LOOP function must be put.

Download of example of the source code of the attandance list (pdf, 35 KB)

How to use additional attandance list as name plates

trainer! Note: For this feature you need the plugin "Additional PDF List", that you can download from our service website. You need an OSG Seminar Manager Premium Membership.


 Here you find the documentation about how to use additional PDF lists .

Create Certificates

There are two ways to create certificates: you can create series certificates and single certificates.

1. Create series certificate

You create and design the certificate at" course" or "course template". You can use all template parameters of the attendance list.

How to use the parameters you see here: email templates

sman certifikate1


To create the certificate: OSG Seminar Manager → select a Course (1) → click on "Certificates (PDF)" (2)

sman zertifikat2

Then you can print or save this PDF document.

trainer! Tipp: If you don't want to design every single certificate then create the certificate at the course template. You can copy this certificate if you clone a course of a template. You can also copy the source code to the next certificate template.

The order of the print you set here: Misc.

2. Create a single certificate

Create certificate templates for single certificates per booking using PDF templates  - There is now another option available to create a certificate for a course applicant. Up to now, it was only possible, to create a certificate for all course applicants at once. These certificates were then created in one single PDF document. New is the option to create a certificate for a single booking.

1st Step: First of all, you should create a template for the certificates. Either you use the pre-defined template and edit it or you create a new template. You can find the templates at Settings > PDF templates.

Hw to create and edit a template. The field use for must be set to "Certificates".

2nd Step: Connect the template to the courses

Choose the respective template in "Edit course"

template select certificate

As default, -Default- is selected. This is the template, that has the star attached to it:

Default PDF template

If you want to use another template for this course, choose this template in the select box.

3rd Step: You can decide, if a user can see his own certificate under MyBookings.

You can change this under Options > Misc > MyBookings > Show certificate.

Now, you can create certificates: Go to your bookings overview. Select the bookings for which you want to create a certificate. Click on the button "Generate certificate" top left. If a booking already has a certificate, it will be overwritten.

Note: There can only be one certificate per booking.


*Important notes for processing of certificates and name plates

1. The PDF creation is optimized for the JCE Editor. No other editor should be chosen, for a faultless performance (eg correct pagination).

2. Components → JCE Editor → Global Configuration

„Validate HTML“ must be deactivated.

sman wichtig fr zertifikat namensschilder

3. In relation to the source code view of the editor:

Provides a loop through all course participants and should not be removed.

<br pagebreak="true" /><br />

Provides a page break after each certificate and should not be removed.

Template of a certificate

Download of example of the source code of a certificate (pdf, 50 KB)







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