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User Management

From OSG Seminar Manager version 2.10.1
Last update of the documentation - 7 March 2017

At the OSG Seminar Manager you will find the menu item Users. Here you can for every Joomla! user define and assign user booking rules according to the following scheme:

The categories in which he can book courses and the number of courses in this category.

The period within these courses take place.

Booking Rules and Cancellation

In the following we describe how to create booking rules for users and how to allow users to cancel a booking.

How to create booking rules for users

For each Joomla! user, you can create rules using the following pattern:

You can define the categories for courses he is able to book as well as how many courses he can book per category. Also, you can defined the time period in which the courses take place.

Activating the user management – options in the backend

To be able to create the rule, you will first have to change the following options in the OSG Seminar Manager Einstellungen: At Settings > Options > Tab "General you set „Enable Bookings“ to „Registrated users“.  To have the rules to show up at the menu point „My Bookings“ (for booking statistics), set the „Enable booking rules“ to „Yes“ in the same menu.

enable booking rules

Defining the rules – Settings in the Backend

To define a rule, go to OSG Seminar Manager > Users

menue users

Here, you get an overview of all Joomla! Users. For each user, you can manage the booking rules:

options rules

To create a new rule click on „Manage booking rules“. The following screen will open up:

add new rule

Enter your rules here. The „Title“ is user-defined and will appear later using the menu „Bookings“ and also in the notice after logging in.

After saving, the rule appears at „Show booking rules“ and „Manage booking rules“

rule overview

At „Show booking rules“, you can also view the number of courses a user has already booked (8/25 means that he has booked 8 out of 25 courses).

! Attention: It is possible to have two rules for the same category or for overlapping time periods. Nevertheless, you should absolutely avoid to do this. If you do this, the booking of a course would count for both overlapping rules.

Menu „Bookings“ - Views for the Joomla! user

If a user should be able to see his own bookings, you need to create a menu of the type „Bookings“. Here, a user can see his „Booking statistics“ and therefore his booking rules and his already booked courses.

cancel booking

Allow users to cancel their bookings

To allow users to cancel their bookings, go to Seminar Manager > Options > Tab:Misc. > My Bookings in the backend.

mybookings settings

Allow Cancel

You can define here, what status a booking has to have so that the user can still cancel it. A booking with the status „paid“ can never be cancelled.

Cancellation deadline

You define here, how many days before the course starts, a user can still cancel the booking. If you for example set this value to 1, it is still possible to cancel 24 hours before the course begins. If the course has no starting hour, the system will use 0:00 am as the starting hour.

If you allow the user to cancel a booking, the user can see a Cancel button using the menu My Bookings

cancel booking

If the user clicks Cancel, he has to confirm the cancellation again:

confirm cancellation

If he confirms the cancellation, the booking will get the status cancelled:

cancelled booking


















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