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Last update: 2018, 3rd of March

You can create and edit tutors using the menu item "Tutors" in the menu "Components > Seminar Manager" or if you are already in the OSG Seminar Manager Overview, in the tab "Tutors".



The first view is an overview of all already created tutors. Here, you can create a new tutor (Click the button "New" on the top right side) or edit an already existing tutor (Select the tutor by checking the box left of the tutor, then click the button "Edit" on the top right).

Edit a tutor

There is now a form for creating or editing a single tutor.


Just at the beginning of the form, you can add course templates to the tutor. For these course templates, the tutor can then add courses he wants to hold. Choose a course template from the drop down menu on the top left and press the button "Add / remove". The course template is then added to the list below. You can remove a course template by checking the remove box on the right of the course template and again press the button "Add / remove".




Common information about a tutor are first of all the title, that is mandatory, as it is shown as a short name for the tutor in the web frontend. The alias and the ordering are optional and are automatically added by the system if not given by the user.



Additional mandatory information about a tutor are first and last name, as well as the salutation. Optionally, you can add further titles.



Optional Data also are company, address and phone data, company type and industry.



A tutor may also have an invoice address. If it is the same as the already given address data, you can automatically add the data by clicking the blue link "Click here to copy the input from the Company Information section".



You should input a textual description of a tutor particularly, if a tutor is to be shown in detail in the frontend.


You can also upload an image of a tutor, that is also visible in the web frontend.



A tutor may have a Joomla! account, so that they can see and manage their own courses in the backend. At this place, you can also link a tutor to an already existing Joomla! account.



You can add userdefined custom fields for a tutor, if the already existing fields are not sufficient and you want to add more information. The way to add user-defined custom fields, you can find here.



Tutors Role Seminar Trainer

The OSG Seminar Manager comes with 2 userGroups: Seminar Manager and Seminar Trainer.

A Seminar Trainer can only see the bookings and courses for which he has been qualified as a trainer.  This qualification can only be done by the OSG Seminar Manager or SuperUser. Joomla SuperUser und Seminar Manager can customize the role of the tutor.
Create the user groups at OSG Seminar Manager > Settings > State/Upgrade.

To customize the role of the tutor go to Options > Tab:Tutor's Role


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