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Additional Options - Settings

You find the tab "Settings" in the overview (called Settings from now on).

You can see another tab view with the following tabs:

  • Main Settings
    In this tab you can administer the user-defined fields and the stylesheets of the OSG Seminar Managers.
  • Reference Tables
    Such reference tables are for example lists of countries, experience levels or other groups, that are used in different menus.
  • Default Email Templates
    Here you can create or change E-Mail templates.


Email Templates

For Emails that are sent by the OSG Seminar Manager, there exist already pre-defined templates. There is a template for booking confirmation and one for sales prospect notification.

Go to "Settings" ->"Default Email Templates". Here you see templates for Booking confirmations an Sales prospect notification.

If you need a different template, you can click the link "Add new template" to get a new page:


Here, you can add the content of the email in the field down below. Parameters, that should be added from attendee data, are listed on the right side. As an example, you can look at a pre-defined email template.


trainer! Note: Recipient and BCC only accept the parameters {EMAIL} and {ADMIN_CUSTOM_RECIPIENT}, {TUTOR_RECIPIENTS} and real email addresses. Custom fields don't work here. Only Subject and Body accept custom fields.

More information about email configuratione see Options - Default





  • PDF Templates
    Templates for invoices or participant lists can be administered here.
  • Export Data
    You can export data here, to use it in other softwares.
  • Price Groups
    Different price groups for members of certain groups (e.g. club members or other discount groups) can be created and managed here.
  • Start / Upgrade
    Here you can create the two user groups "OSG Seminar Manager" and "OSG Seminar Trainer".
    Then you can create user and assign them to the user group "OSG Seminar Trainer" or "OSG Seminar Manager".
    Now you can log in as "OSG Seminar Trainer" or "OSG Seminar Manager" and see what is possible.
  • Info
    You can find informationen about the installed version of the  OSG Seminar Managers here.




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