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Sales prospects

Sales prospects are linked to course templates. A course template is a course that will be held if there are enough interested people that would want to attend it. To monitor the demand for a course template, there is the option for users to subscribe to an sales prospects list for the course template. You can view and also edit such lists of interested parties in the administrator backend.

In addition to the contact data and the course data you can also see, if an interested person was already notified about a course or not. You can select and notify interested people, and also delete them from the list.

Edit Interested Users

If you click on the last name of an interested person or if you select the box in front of it and click the button "Edit", a new view will open for a single interested person.

You can see a tab view, that contains three tabs. The first tab includes common information about the request of the interested person. The second tab shows contact data and the third tab can contain a comment from the interested user.


In the first tab, the first section is about the account details of the user. Next to the Joomla! user name you can see the data the interested person has inserted in the web frontend.

In the next section, the information for the selected course template are shown. They appear grey, as you cannot edit them here. If you want to have a deeper look at the course template, you can click the button "View Template" and you will get to the course template view.

In the last section of the tab you can see, if an interested user has alread been notified.

The contact data of the interested person can be found in the second tab (This is only true if there you keep the pre-defined custom fields for contact data. If you change them, this tab will show your changed data.)

In the third tab, you can see a comment the interested person may have inserted for you.




Send Notifications about a new course

The way this is implemented in the OSG Seminar Manager is the following: In the backend, you can see all people that have subscibed for a sales prospect list * (menu "Components < Seminar Manager < Sales Prospects" ). The information in the table also includes the course template (column "Template"), that the user is interested in. You can also filter for this course template on top of the table.


* to subscribe to the sales prospects list, users have to subscribe at this place in the frontend:

preview / seat reservation:

Now if there is a new course available, you can notify the users on this list about this new course by checking all the users in the list that are interested in the respective course template and choose the new course for each user in the column "Notification".

If you then click the button "Notify" on the top right, a notification email will be sent to all selected users.

The email itself will be constructed using a template, in this case the "Sales prospect notification" email template. You can find it using the menu "Components < Seminar Manager < Settings", then the tab "Default email templates".


In the table, you can see at least one email template of the kind "Sales prospect notification" (see the "Use for" column). Tis template is written in German, so you will want to write an English default template for English users.

To write your own template, click the link "Add new template" on the bottom of the table. Writing your email, you can use the parameters on the right side for fields that should be inserted. You also have to select the right "Use for" in the form above the email, in this case "Sales prospect notification".

Having done so, save the email template and it will appear in the list. Now you have to click on the icon in the "Default" column so that this email template is used as a default for sales prospect notification. 

So the way to go is, in short, set up your email template, select the users you want to notify from the sales prospect list, then select the course you want to notify them about in each (!) row and then click the button "Notify".





Wenn Sie sich in das Backend einloggen, dann sind Sie als Benutzer registriert. Diesem Benutzer ist eine bestimmte E-Mail Adresse zugeordnet. Diese E-Mail Adresse wird als Absender genannt. Wenn Sie das ändern möchten, dann legen Sie entweder ein weiteres Benutzerkonto an, mit dem Sie sich anmelden oder ändern Ihre zugeordnete E-Mail Adresse.

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