Bookings / Print Views


Clicking this menu point, you will see an overview of all bookings.

list of bookings

Using the filters on the left, you can filter the bookings for many of their properties.

The last name of the booking is linked to the booking page. Here, you can view the properties of the booking, like the booking status, the price and the customer data. The administrator can change these data manually.

booking details

Print Views

For bookings there are two views - one for a single day and one for a week.

Day view

Here you can see all bookings for one day (for all games).

backend buchungen druckansichtz


Week print view

In this view, all timeslots of all active games are displayed for the selected week.

backend buchungen druckansicht woche

Booked timeslots are displayed in a brighter color. Special timeslots are in yellow, booked special timeslots are also displayed in a brighter yellow color. The number of persons that are booked for a timeslot are also shown in the box. If the persons belong to a not yet confirmed booking, it is succeeded by the letter E, for confirmed bookings by the letter B.

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