Administration Area


In the OSG Escape Room Administration Area you see the main menu on the left side. This menu leads to all parts of the software. 

Menue of OSG Escape Room 


Games are the main component of this software. A game can be created and defined using this link. There, you also assign timeslots, their types and price groups to the game.


Every game can be assigned to a category. This way, links to a category of games can be generated for the frontend. 

Bookings / Print views

Bookings are made by users via the frontend. They can be viewed and changed using this link in the backend. There are also print views for the bookings. 


Timeslots are time frames a game can be booked. You can create timeslots using this link. These timeslots can then be assigned to a game in the backend. 

Price Groups

A price group consists of prices for each possible group size that can be booked. It is assigned to timeslot objects, that are managed in the game backend. The price group can be changed using this link.

Special Timeslots

Using this link you can change the timeslots for a specific day. This is necessary, if there is e.g. a holiday in the week or if you want to create special events.

Game Pauses

If you want to pause a game for like a week or more, you will not want to change the timeslots for each day. A game pause can be created for a game using this link. 

Custom Fields

For games and also for the booking form you may want to create your own custom fields. Use this link to create groups of custom fields for these purposes. 

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