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THEMA: Premium Membership vs 1 hr of Support

Premium Membership vs 1 hr of Support 3 Jahre 11 Monate ago #2681

  • dslater
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I am having problems with the Course Overview page in that the 2nd tab, relabeled "All of Our Courses" sorts alpha, but not by any of the other other headers (I want it to sort by course code by default, but that's another issue). Looking through the Premium forum I don't see any topics that look at this, though it may be covered in one or more of the hidden replies. While the Manual Booking plugin would be helpful, I currently manage that from PhpMyAdmin; Upcoming Events would be handy, but I can live without it <smile>; Advanced Export, OTOH, would be really handy for some custom reports I have yet to implement.

BUT, I really need help with the sorting of the Course Overview page which ought to sort on each column in both tabs but in my installation does not. Is it covered in the Premium forum, or do I need to buy direct support? I can only afford to buy one of the two, hence the question.

Alternatively, I could live with buying a Premium membership long enough to find out if that problem is discussed and switch to paid support if it it not or cannot be answered in the Premium forum, as the case may be. That way you'd have my money to know this isn't a crank note, and I'd be assured of being able to solve my pressing problem. This would rather depend on you being able to tell if I've downloaded any of the extra modules and thus locking myself into the premium membership, of course.

Sneaking a reply in anyway: Ah great! I was afraid one of my minor tweaks had broken the component, then went looking for the code and couldn't find it. Pleased to read it's not my oops, my condolences on it being one of yours. I'll buy the Premium membership as a show of support (and for that Advanced Export moduel, of course. :)
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Premium Membership vs 1 hr of Support 3 Jahre 11 Monate ago #2689

  • sigiK
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Hello dslater,
thanks for your report. this is a bug of our component and will be fixed with the next version.
Your feedback on the supports our work and the further development of our products.
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